Moneygram Scam

Moneygram is a provider in money transfer activities operating in 190 countries with over 186,000 outlets, being such a big organization is open to scams such as the moneygram scam.
Moneygram provides an easy and well suited way of transfering funds to friends and family almost anywhere in the world.
A scam is defined as a fraudlent and dishonest way to swindle a person out of possession, usually money. Where moneygram is involved it is known as the moneygram scam and fraudsters have been using it as a vehicle to con people of money.

What is Moneygram Scam?

The Moneygram scam can takes place in many different areas of life. Some reported moneygram scams are listed on this blog. Considering the ingenuity of fraudsters, there is every chance they'll find even more ways to use MoneyGram as a vehicle to extort money.
There are many ways in which fraudsters can manipulate moneygram for financial gains. Many scams are similar with slight variations. All of these scams involve no face to face contact. Rather initial contact made through email, if the scam is progressing according to plan, may switch to telephone to develop relationships further, build trust and ultimately scam the victim.
All of them involve wiring money to the scammer who is pretending to be among other things a buyer, "potential employer or grandchild. They are seeking the victim to transfer funds, usually to countries far away from the location of victim. Sometimes they may even send fraudulent cheques as a means of purchasing something, requiring the victim to wire funds back to the scammer.
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Never wire money to people you don't know personally.
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